Keep It Simple Sweetheart...

Simple Stretching to Help YOU Feel Your Best!

This course is your simple guide to stretching. You will learn everything you need to know for creating your own stretch routines, or you can just follow along with me! You will learn 16 individual stretches and I show you what to pay attention to and how to modify them. You can also follow along with the full length videos where I don't explain as much and we just stretch together. For only $20 you will quickly have improved flexibility and less aches and pains!
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Course curriculum

  • 1


  • 2

    Happy Hamstrings

    • The Hamstrings

    • Sun Breaths

    • Standing Forward Fold

    • PNF Hamstring

    • Seated Forward Fold

    • Happy Hamstring Session

  • 3

    Healthy Hips

    • Hip Anatomy

    • Helicopter

    • Reclining Pigeon

    • Twisted Twist

    • 90/90

    • Healthy Hips Session

  • 4

    Supple Spine

    • The Spine

    • Seated Cat Cow

    • Cat Cow

    • Supine Twist

    • Banana

    • Supple Spine Session

  • 5

    Neck & Shoulders

    • Neck and Shoulder Anatomy

    • Shoulder Flossing

    • Back Scratch

    • Fish

    • Neck Stretch

    • Neck and Shoulders Session

  • 6

    Next Steps

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Radha Hilery

The Flexibility Guru was founded by Hilery Radha Hutchinson. She has spent the last 16 years in the wellness industry learning as much as possible to help her clients. At this point she has over 45 certifications ranging from high intensity interval training to yoga for cardiac rehab and cancer patients. She has enjoyed a wide variety of jobs around the world from doing Thai Yoga Massage for the San Antonio Spurs to creating a customized yoga for surfers in Morocco to creating a personal training certification program for a gym in Nicaragua. She has also worked very closely with a wide variety of health problems and physical disabilities which helped her create our assisted stretching program for PCA's and Caregivers. She has used all of her training and experiences to thoughtfully create our certifications, online courses, and live workshops.